If an employee is not part of an upcoming payroll, then you can delete them. Also, an employee’s tax situation might change with a major personal life event. Please note, you should have set up a organization-level time off policy beforehand; this is set for each employee by default.

How do you record payroll in Books?

  1. Collect your upcoming payroll data.
  2. Record gross wages as an expense (debit column).
  3. Record money owed in taxes, net pay and any other payroll deductions as liabilities (credit column).
  4. Check the initial entry to make sure the credit column equals the debit column.

Customize your expenses and liability accounts in Zoho Books for every payroll transaction effortlessly. Track all your financials in an orderly manner for easy bank reconciliation each month, year after year. Enable seamless collaboration between employees and your payroll staff and reduce the burden of employee requests. By submitting this form, you agree to the processing of personal data according to our Privacy Policy. You’ll have to provide the following information to set up direct deposits for an employee. This ensures that the taxes are calculated and deducted correctly while running payroll.

Boost your employees’ productivity with rewarding benefits

The Zoho People leave tracking app lets you simplify this process by providing error-free reports that specify the exact number of days worked, any loss of pay, and overtime. If you choose Direct Deposit, payments will be credited to your employees’ bank accounts on the pay day automatically. Employee details like name, designation, date of joining, custom fields, https://personal-accounting.org/zoho-books-review/ and changes made are automatically synchronized from Zoho People into the payroll system. This is the last step in adding a new employee in Zoho Payroll. An employee can either be paid manually or automatically through direct deposit. You withhold their state and federal taxes from their paychecks and deposit it to the government on their behalf.

If you choose Check, you have to pay your employees on the pay day and then record the payment in Zoho Payroll. This step involves configuring the employee’s federal and state taxes. Provide details such as the number of withholding allowances claimed, filing status, and tax exemptions (if any). Now, you will have successfully integrated Zoho Books with SurePayroll. All your payroll transactions will now be imported automatically into Zoho Books and recorded in the appropriate journals.

Editing an Employee

Of operations time saved by customers on average after using Zoho Payroll.

Make sure that the information you provide is accurate. This will reflect on the pay stubs of your employees, and the calculation of your tax liabilities. Zoho Books is your one-stop platform for managing your business finances. With Zoho People and Zoho Payroll, you’re not just simplifying your payroll tasks but also gaining the advantage of a complete HR solution. Payroll is better when employees can have complete visibility into their pay details and payroll-related activities. Finding the exact number of days worked is a key to processing employee payroll.

Spend less time calculating time off

Zoho Books and SurePayroll have teamed up to simplify your small business accounting through automating the payroll journal entry process for you. SurePayroll’s online payroll solution makes paying employees quick and easy, giving small business owners time to focus on growing their business. Zoho Books and SurePayroll make everyday business tasks simpler and more efficient. Zoho Books can be integrated with SurePayroll to automate your payroll accounting process. When a pay run is completed in SurePayroll, Zoho Books will fetch all the payroll data such as earnings and taxes from SurePayroll and record it under the right account.

How do I add income to Zoho Books?

In Zoho books I added a payment I received from Banking > My Bank Account > Add Transaction > Money In > Payment from Customer.

You will be redirected to SurePayroll’s website to finish setting up the integration. If you are new to SurePayroll, enter your details in the form to begin enrollment. If you are an existing customer, log in to SurePayroll to set up the integration.

However, you can shift from your integration that you are using already and use the other software. You can simply disable the integration and integrate with the other payroll software available. Zoho Payroll is tightly integrated with Zoho Books, our in-house online accounting software, which records your payroll expenses automatically to the right journals. The overall experience has been great with Zoho Payroll. It’s easy to set up, has a polished user interface, and a fantastic support team.

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