And seeing that lots of other brands and individuals like you use a product actually makes you want to do it, too — FOMO is a powerful marketing and retention tactic. In fact, customers are more likely to trust opinions from family, friends, and other consumers more than branded content and ads. You don’t need to charge a fee for your subscription model in order to gain customer loyalty. Providing benefits in the form of exclusive content and events is another way to leverage this approach without spending a ton.

We were able to improve our response time by 340% (not a typo!) by creating a support channel for all of our teammates. However, there will be situations when customers want to return and replace the product. Simplifying that process will give your customers peace of mind and also encourage them to come back to your ecommerce store. When it comes to ecommerce, delivery and returns are two of the biggest consumer concerns. The way you manage last mile delivery can help you stand out from the competition and retain customers. At Help Scout, we offer recurring 45-minute live classes that new customers can register for in order to learn more about our product and ask any questions they have.

Create a unified customer view (Polaris)

For example, it might be due to an overreliance on AI chatbots and phone services, or customers cannot easily navigate to the correct department. If the percentage of repeat customers drops because of boredom with your brand, one way to revitalize your consumer base is by changing things up. Even if your brand has not changed beyond looks, it can still feel to customers like they are experiencing a new store. Be mindful not to change too much or too fast, or you could lose customers.

Check out this article on customer loyalty programs for more customer retention examples that work for small businesses. While an acceptable customer retention rate varies across industries, it’s important not to fixate on a specific number. Instead, use it as a benchmark to gauge where your business stands and identify areas for improvement. Regularly tracking this metric enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your retention strategies and make informed decisions to succeed. With well designed client retention strategies, you can understand your customer needs and improve loyalty.

Which customer retention strategy is right for your business?

Depending on the products or service, education and training videos and webinars can be an effective self-service channel that puts a solution to a customer’s problem in their hands. Additionally, engaging videos can be an excellent tool for lead generation, because potential customers can see firsthand how the product or service works. Most of all, your customer support team should be able to apologize and fix mistakes. This can happen within the customer conversation, or happen in the marketing that occurs afterwards – but customers should feel as though their complaints have been heard and resolved. But your representatives need to be empowered to fulfill customer needs and go the extra mile to repair customer interactions.

customer retention strategies

An effective retention strategy offers a functionally better ROI than acquisition efforts as customers become more valuable the longer they’re retained. That’s why businesses should do retention marketing after establishing a robust customer service system. The system can include self-help options like FAQs and real-time support tools like live chat and chatbots.

Benefits of Customer Retention Marketing

Showing customers that their opinions are valued by responding to feedback will help build trust and strengthen relationships. This ultimate guide will shed light on how incorporating online courses into your customer retention strategy can be a game-changer, driving success for both businesses and their loyal customer base. Improving customer retention and building customer loyalty does not happen overnight. It will take time and effort to grow your relationship with your customers and earn their trust.

You can actually host an event for your customers, with a bid to answer their questions in a personal manner. Sending educational email is a smart method of educating your customers – and giving them good reasons to consider buying from you – and not your competitors. The programmed sequence of events is essential for pre-sales, sales, and post-sales processes. When your processes are standardized, it will give you the opportunity to deliver on the promises that you made to customers. For instance, be conscious of what you promise in your response time and keep to it. If you promise to deliver product 30 minutes after order, just do that.

Customer Retention in Different Industries

Watson Assistant is a virtual agent that provides customers with fast, consistent, and accurate answers across any application, device, or channel. A CRM system unites multiple functions (e.g. project management, contact management, digital marketing) into a single data-driven platform. A “unified” CRM system automates communications and streamlines internal processes to enhance the overall CX. It may include “hyperpersonalization” features (e.g. targeted content, offers, alerts) that silo customer engagement within a specific context. According to our 2022 CX Trends Report, 73 percent of business leaders say there’s a direct link between business performance and customer service.

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