Overall, there are various other interesting customer service jobs you can apply for in the open jobs section. FlexJobs offers you a platform where you can find well-vetted remote job opportunities. For instance, you could find an open customer service agent position at Williams-Sonoma Inc. This position requires you to assist customers with placing orders, facilitating returns, locating products and scheduling deliveries. Not having to commute opens up your job search area, but it saves time and money.

We’ve listed the freelance marketplaces by best to worst, based on flexibility and payment terms, including whether they generally offer minimum pay when paying by the minute. But, be aware that if you live in states with strict labor laws, including California and New York, pay-by-the-minute schemes don’t fly. Most of these platforms will reject your application to avoid running afoul of state laws.

Tips for Getting Hired for a Remote Customer Service Job

In remote-jobs, most people become careless and irresponsible as there’s no one to keep an eye on them, and eventually lose their jobs. So, work hard, keep learning, and try to give maximum return to your employer if you want to retain your job and move ahead in your career. But for domains like e-commerce, having basic knowledge might be sufficient, and you might not need prior experience. A company can easily train you to work as an e-commerce support agent within months.

A customer service job refers to professionals who assist customers before and after purchasing a product or service. In the United States alone, the number of remote employees has jumped by 115% in the last ten years! This leap signals a change in what it means to build a career as a support professional. Whether you’re just starting in the field or you’re a long-time customer service champion, check out this master list. If you want to succeed in a work-from-home customer service position, you need to give yourself the right tools. These must-have resources range from the latest support software to an office chair that keeps you comfortable.


In this hybrid role, you’ll have flexibility to work both remotely and on-site. Outsourcing and consulting services include recruitment and business process outsourcing, executive search, career transition, and executive coaching. Working remotely as a customer service professional can provide a great opportunity for work-life balance and can be a satisfying career option. For those who are skilled at interacting with people, solving problems, providing information, and communicating effectively, customer service could be a great career choice for you. Customer service professionals can earn a comfortable salary. The average salary in the U.S is around $40,000 per year, but some management roles pay as high as $90,000!

Most duties performed by customer service agents can be done from a home office using the internet to connect to communications tools. Customer service representatives serve as the first point of contact for customers. They provide information or answer questions about products or services and handle and resolve complaints to provide a positive customer service experience. It’s a wise move to prepare your home office before you land a remote customer service job. This will provide a good space to do phone or video interviews, and it’ll be a bonus point for you if you can show employers that you’re already prepared to work remotely.

Remote Customer Service Jobs

Being able to pick children up from school, tailoring work hours based on individual needs, and saving time by ditching the commute are some potential benefits. Even though some remote customer service roles will dictate a specified schedule to be on the phone or online, much more flexibility https://remotemode.net/blog/what-is-remote-customer-service-exactly/ is possible with a remote role. The same Owl Lab study discovered that 40 percent of people surveyed would take a 10 percent pay cut to be allowed to continue working remotely indefinitely. The job duties of a remote customer service agent can vary depending on the employer.

how to get a remote customer service job

You can also search over 50 job categories (including customer service) and access exclusive job seeker resources. There are many job scams to sort through, especially when looking for remote jobs, which can waste a lot of your time. To streamline your job search, consider a subscription job board. Whether you can leverage these connections or not, take the time to explore job boards created specifically for remote work or support roles.

How to Land a Remote Customer Service Job:

That’s where the responsibilities of remote customer service personnel come into play. Aside from offering fully flexible work schedules and higher earnings than other platforms, it’s our mission to support you at all stages of your contract. That’s why we prioritize creating supportive relationships for all.

And because these are such large companies, it’s likely that they’re hiring for multiple people in each position. Transcom is a global company that offers customer care, sales, technical support, and credit management services. Transcom has nearly 30,000 employees and serves more than 350 international brands in a variety of verticals, such as financial services, media, telecommunications, travel, and retail.

$1 unlocks unlimited opportunities

If you want to work in your pajamas at odd hours of the day or night, you may be a perfect candidate for remote customer service jobs. Customer service representatives are in high demand as companies become increasingly global and need to staff help centers 24/7. Depending on the role level you’re applying for, you may need to demonstrate your experience. Training on the company’s specific platforms and processes is usually provided. Remote customer service jobs are often available in a variety of shifts – late night, overnight, early morning, or 9 to 5 normal business hours. Some jobs might allow you to work at your convenience, while some jobs require you to work on a strict schedule.

Walgreens says you’ll be fielding a variety of issues from customers, patients, pharmacists, and third-party vendors. Despite a variety of customer service roles, they all require a high level of empathy and great communication skills. Keep that in mind as you start applying for positions and begin interviewing.

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To find one, add search terms like “remote” or “work from home” to your search listings. Sites like FlexJobs, which specializes in remote work jobs, can help you find 100% remote positions in your field. SimplyHired is a U.S.-based job hiring site, and they have thousands of customer service jobs listed on their site right now. According to Glassdoor and Indeed, pay averages about $16/hour for these positions. You can check out careers.calif.aaa.com to search for jobs and learn more. Between Aetna and CVS, they are trying to fill several customer support jobs from home.

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