TAG Media provides iGaming operators with full affiliate programme management support to plan, launch, build and grow affiliate programme operations to target. To date, we have successfully launched 36 affiliate programmes in markets around the world. Delivering over £200m of affiliate commission in 2021, derived from upto £2bn in generated sales revenue. At the forefront of marketing innovation, our platforms connect merchants and consumers whether across borders or across the road. We want to make affiliate marketing accessible to everyone, not just the technically minded.

Start earning by promoting technology that has an everyday place in people’s lives. Ecommerce Tech Increase sales and develop your business with our tailored independent consultancy and analysis. Find out how technological advances in this sector can help achieve cost savings and improve conversions. We are an experienced and talented team of more than 150 creative people globally. We pay £5 per net-new account sign-up with bonus potential when and if activations start taking payments. Earn when your referrals complete a revenue-generating event across any of Square’s eligible products.

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This step-by-step beginner’s guide will walk you through how to launch your affiliating marketing business and what benefits you can expect. These terms will begin upon your signup with the AFFILIATE program and will end when your AFFILIATE account is terminated. If any modification to the terms is unnacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your AFFILIATE account.

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Buyapowa distributes rewards to every consumer who takes the desired action and to the affiliates that influenced those actions. Buyapowa can quickly integrate with your email domain or you can use our own. Give each affiliate partner compensation packages in line with their level of influence. Attract and qualify partners, agents, affiliates, influencers and referrers. Thanks to our long-standing as a market leader, we are proud to be partnering with several of the biggest brands from all around the world in the iGaming, lottery and forex industries.

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Always at the forefront of marketing innovation, our platforms are geared towards connecting merchants and consumers, whether across borders or across the road. Our platforms enable merchants from thousands of different sectors to realise their online potential. In some types of media, such as news articles, blog posts and vlogs, the ASA may accept that the affiliate advertising content appears alongside content that’s genuinely editorial in nature. In contrast, where content in its entirety refers to the affiliate brand or its products, the Code would apply to the content in its entirety. We are here to help provide you with more information on our various solutions, including our affiliate marketing network and white label programmes.

affiliate solutions

But regardless of whether you decide to be an involved or unattached affiliate marketer, make sure to choose a niche industry with products and services that are in high demand and have monetization potential. Of course, this will also mean that these niches are highly competitive, but you need to make sure there is actually an audience for the products you’re promoting. If your audience is looking to launch an online business, migrate their ecommerce platform or simply interested in ecommerce content, we encourage you to apply for the BigCommerce affiliate marketing program. When beginning your affiliate marketing career, you’ll want to cultivate an audience that has very specific interests.

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From established internationals to local starters, we work with you for optimum results. This guide will help you and your team to use Awin Access at full capacity and grow your client’s traffic and sales. You will find information about our team, services and agency certification as well as links to useful resources.

In one formal ruling, the ASA assessed a series of Instagram stories that featured the affiliate products and linked consumers to a landing page where the affiliate Code was stated . Though the Instagram stories didn’t contain the affiliate code themselves, the ASA considered that they were affiliate ads because of the influencer’s commercial interest in consumers clicking through to the landing page, and then using the discount code. When an individual or a company signs up to another brand’s affiliate scheme, they are entering an agreement to promote that brand’s products in exchange for payment. While any “regular” job requires you to be at work to make money, affiliate marketing offers you the ability to make money while you sleep. By investing an initial amount of time into a campaign, you will see continuous returns on that time as consumers purchase the product over the following days and weeks. Even when you’re not in front of your computer, your marketing skills will be earning you a steady flow of income.

There are no additional fees other than the monthly licence fee + CPA commission. Learn more about our Press Team and how to sign up to gain access to embargoed rulings. Having worked with previous PPC specialists with ‘good’ results, we wanted to find a company that could achieve ‘great’ results for our business. Click Consult did this through a more streamlined targeted approach, which consequently had two two main benefits, maximising our PPC budget and driving our enquiries to levels we have not seen previously. Discover how our innovative broad match keyword strategy delivered immediate results in one of the UK’s most competitive markets. Our always-on approach drives efficient and incremental growth opportunities for merchants.

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Our experts are always on hand to help your team and to provide insight. Book a demo with our expert team to learn more about how Buyapowa works. We’ve known the Income Access Software and the IA Team for many years and appreciate the very good cooperation. We particular love the quick access affiliate management system to stats and data on the platform which are getting updated reliably every morning. The IA affiliate team has always been a very good partner for the programmes that they manage. Requests are answered within a short time, with a high level of competence, and in a friendly manner.

We‘ve a variety of ways in which we work with UK businesses and we’d be happy to create a bespoke solution for you. The Logitech Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to the Logitech and Logitech G websites. Each time you refer a customer to one of our websites and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission . We provide you with detailed reports on sales that were referred from your website and every month, we send you a check for the commission you earned.

These reports tell you how many users saw and clicked-through links to Logitech from your website, how many orders were placed, which products were purchased, how much your website has earned in commission and much more. You will have access to an online, password-protected reporting system on Impact.com that will provide you detailed statistics for your website. To be able to identify and track visitors and properly assign commissions to referring websites, we append a unique code for each visitor to each page and each link within the page seen by the visitor. When the visitor completes a purchase, the code is examined and the dollar amount of the sale, together with the Source ID of the referring website, is stored in our database so that your commission can be calculated. Using Impact’s tracking, Logitech will also give you credit for cookied sales within 30 days of an initial click from your website to Logitech. Cookied sales are sales that have come from customers that have visited Logitech directly within 30 days of visiting Logitech after linking from your website.

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For example, if someone follows a link from your website to Logitech, and browses but doesn’t buy anything, and later follows a link from another Logitech affiliate website, the code for the second referring site will replace yours. To set them up, please contact us https://xcritical.com/ at and provide the names and URLs of the additional websites. Once set up, you will be able to create links specific to each website and generate separate reports for each website. Build your brand with our tailored solutions that cultivate your business growth.

Any social media posts which include affiliate linked products/services/brands, including those posted by influencers, should be obviously identifiable as advertising upfront (BPerfect Ltd in assoc. /w Charlotte Dawson, 21 July 2021). By way of some examples, placing an identifier such as ‘’ before parts of the content that relate to affiliated products is likely to be acceptable, as it would distinguish it from the editorial content. Similarly, a generic and ambiguous disclaimer which indicates that the author ‘may’ receive a commission is unlikely to be acceptable, particularly where the specific affiliate content has not been highlighted.

A £9Bn revenue generating industry in the UK alone, affiliate marketing offers the best performance based marketing return for online businesses of all sizes. See a marked increase in traffic and conversions, all thanks to our sophisticated selling platforms, extensive brand control for agencies, massive affiliate database and advanced payment tracking, reconciliation and dispersion. They already boast an impressive following, so it’s easy for them to direct consumers to the seller’s products through social media posts, blogs and other interactions with their followers. The influencers then receive a share of the profits they helped to create.


In one formal ruling, the ASA considered that the CAP Code still applied to a TikTok post that featured an expired affiliate discount code. The ad was published after the advertisers’ contracted agreement with the affiliate had ended, and as a result the affiliate did not ultimately receive commission for sales generated through use of the code. The ASA may also consider that a social media post counts as an affiliate ad even if the post itself doesn’t contain an attributable affiliate link or code, as long as the post was created in reference to the affiliate agreement.

We are the longest serving affiliate marketing network for the iGaming industry. For example, Ryan Robinson, a renowned affiliate marketer, reported over $19,000 in affiliate commissions in 2019, while The Wirecutter, another affiliate website, earned $10 million in revenue and later was sold to the New York Times for $30 million. In the U.S. alone, affiliate marketing spend is projected to reach $8.2 billion in 2022, up from $5.4 billion in 2017 — which means there’s huge potential for those seeking to earn affiliate income. Of course, this type of affiliate marketing requires more legwork and time to build credibility, but it will likely result in greater payoffs down the road.

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Also known as a publisher, the affiliate can be either an individual or a company that markets the seller’s product in an appealing way to potential consumers. In other words, the affiliate promotes the product to persuade consumers that it is valuable or beneficial to them and convince them to purchase the product. If the consumer does end up buying the product, the affiliate receives a portion of the revenue made. Qdos Contractor are one of the leading providers of specialist contractor insurance services in the UK.

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Our solutions make it effortless to continually tweak and improve your campaign, maximising engagement with your audience. Our automated distribution system makes sure that rewards only go to deserving parties who’ve satisfied all your business rules. Handpick perfectly-suited affiliates who would benefit from a closer relationship with your brand. Then you need a platform that is infinitely scalable across different languages, currencies, product lines and bundles, and works across all customer channels.

Affiliate further agrees and warrants that it will comply with all local, state and federal laws (including, but not limited to, the “CAN-SPAM” Act, effective January 1, 2004) regarding the sending of e-mails. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Please get in touch or call in to find out more about the carefully selected partners we work with. You will be paid approximately 45 days after the end of each calendar month. If you have any questions, would like a demonstration of our technology or want to discuss your advertiser’s specific requirements, please get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you.

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