And was startled and stunned with surprise and shock with the scream that left Selene’s mouth, which brought all the family members into the long room. “We want you Petunia for what you, your husband, and your son did to our goddaughter,” Remus replied and Andy slapped Petunia forcefully for which Petunia’s lower lip got busted. “Well, Andy they are muggles for a reason,” Severus replied smirking and she glared at him, they reached the door and knocked on it only to be opened by a malnourished Petunia and when Petunia saw who was at her doorstep she tried to close the door but on an instinct, Remus kept his leg before she can close it. Severus, Remus, and Dromeda along with Ted appeared at Privet drive along with three lower rank death eaters with no sound and started walking towards Dursleys home and sneered seeing the houses which are all looking the same. “Of course Augusta but now we will take your leave as we have other things to take care of,” Narcissa said.

Slowly people started to come down and by 15 mins to 8 Draco along with others came down. “But you have to help me in talking to Draco as he doesn’t talk to me properly,” Pansy said and I smiled and nodded. Later we headed to our beds and slowly I went into a deep slumber. “Yes, Uncle Sev and I promised Rose that I will always be there for her,” Draco replied and Uncle nodded his head. “I’m Professor Snape, your potions professor, and head of the House for the next Seven years. As new members of the house, there are a few rules that you have to follow and learn to abide by them. Outside of the house, you will face discrimination from not only students but also from professors. that is the reason we appear as a united front even though you despise your housemate, in need of aid, you will them. this first and foremost important rule that you should follow.” he said looking at everyone to make sure they understood. Draco we are your uncles Sirius and Remus take care of the pup/cub.

After that everyone relaxed in their seats leaving Pure-blood decorum and Irma snapped her fingers for the elf to ask for refreshments within a few minutes they were sitting and chatting with cocktails in their hands as refreshments and started talking on different topics while Selene went to her room to complete her homework while Dora went to Ministry as she got a call from her head. After that Sirius along with his family took Selene to Potter chateau in Italy for the weekend to get her well from shock as well as to spend time with family which was needed for them via portkey. Once they landed there Charles called for the elf to bring tea and snacks for everyone and everyone moved to a flower garden which is present at the backside of the manor. The next day Selene was unable to sit quietly as she was excited to see the headmaster’s face after reading the news which is the truth that he kept secret for over a century while her friends and Draco were looking at her in amusement then owls started filling the great hall.

“You know Selene I raped many boys and girls and after that, I erased them from their minds as I’m good at memory charms only and the books I wrote about the adventures also are done by others but I performed memory charms on them and now I will have my way with you for the night.” He said but was hit with a bombarda hex She saw who it was and felt relieved because it was her great-aunt Cassie, aunt Cissa, and Papa along with Uncle Severus and Remus and immediately she fainted from shock and fear. After reading the article everyone was in deep thought regarding the article because of the article even Professors cannot concentrate in their classes so they canceled classes which gave everyone an ample amount of time to enjoy. At night they had dinner and Slytherins were moving into dungeons when Selene remembered that she forgot her charms homework in Remus’s quarters as they were in his quarters before heading to the great hall for dinner. Mother Magic blessed us all with magic that flows in our blood through veins as we know and the traditions or rituals followed for centuries by our people offer blood because magic is embedded in our blood. “Of course Ms. Potter-Black.” He said with his signature twinkle and grandfather smile. We know them as enemies having different opinions about Muggle-borns, Slytherin is known for blood supremacy and Gryffindor is known for the free reign of Muggle-borns.

“No Pup they are here to revive their memories so that they can meet you officially as your godparents,” I said and she smiled listening to this. “Pup you’re not going anywhere near them again no one has any right to you except our families, okay?” I asked her and she nodded her head. “Go, head Son, don’t worry about those muggles like Irma said they are going to pay for what they have done to our daughter,” Dad said. “Grandma, he said they will flush out every potion from her body then they will heal her bones but some need to be vanished and needed to regrow once again using skele-grow which bits are painful then we need to seek Goblins help for the removal of the soul pieces from her scar and the nourishment we need to use same potions as of Remus and mine but with a slightly higher dose,” I replied.

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“That is understandable but as I said I will look into this matter as this contract is binding Ms. Black needs to participate if not she will lose her magic,” Albus said and Selene turned pale. Just then fire roared to life in the chamber and Lucius stepped outside from the floo as he was informed what happened by Draco who floo called him from Regulus’ chamber when Lucius was sitting along with others once Marvolo heard what happened he was ready to storm the castle and kill Albus then and there but he was held back by others and Lucius fire called Amelia and explained everything and to tell her to send a group of high trained Aurors who will investigate this matter who is going to be here in few minutes. “Albus I will not allow my daughter to participate in this death tournament where she will be in the hands of death, and I want to know who dared to put my daughter’s name goblet and I’m going to take this to notice of Amelia Bones and Minister,” Sirius promised with fury in his eyes while his magic made room turn into a cold which made people shiver in fear. Here Selene was busy with her friends chatting about the upcoming event and everyone can see how excited she is but Selene was curious about why the headmaster stopped them from wondering the grounds for next week.

“Well, Vernon and Petunia your son are already dead and I want to kill you both too but I think my father and Grandfather want to have fun with you people too because even their daughters suffered too and they are craving for your blood, Good-Bye Dursleys you are no more a part of my life because soon you are going to be a page in my past,” Selene said and left to her room while elders started their revenge and after 8 long hours Sirius and Marvolo killed both of them with killing curse and ordered an elf to burry their bodies in the forest. “Thank you, headmaster,” Regulus replied with a fake smile while owls filtered across the hall carrying mails, and in the daily prophet another article and this time it was about the importance of magical rituals using blood to make muggle-born understand. After reading daily prophet I kept it aside and started having breakfast while everyone was seeing me and feeling their stares on me it was irritating. Meanwhile, Uncle Sev along with other heads of the houses went towards their tables to forward the timetable. After receiving our timetables I found out that we have all core subjects with Griffyndor which made me irritated but I hid it.

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Selene and their group were walking down the corridor when she heard a voice and stopped in her tracks. “Yes and Rita you can call me Ms. Selene if you want,” I said with a slight smirk on my face, she nodded her head and went away or ran away from here. “Lucius I’m thinking her to ask, to gather information and dirt on each person we are going to target or kill to eliminate them so that before we do that we can print all that in daily prophet and eliminate them through political means,” I said. I was talking with dad and father when I heard a pop and I turned untimely to stop the force that collided with me meanwhile Draco was still sitting down and Remus was laughing fully and I chuckled. “Albus I want to take Selene home and I need your permission as her headmaster according to the rules only Snape’s permission is needed I told you I will inform you of everything so?” I asked him and I can see triumph in his eyes.

Selene was trying to not laugh hard because of which it is becoming difficult for her to breathe seeing the headmaster’s face after reading the article as minutes were passing his face was turning purple and more like red and Severus and Remus’s problem was the same too because were also trying not to laugh. While the Slytherin table along with the other three tables and teachers were shocked. At the same time, Selene got an idea and the expression that crossed her face remained, Severus of Dark Lord because whenever Dark Lord wanted to trap someone as his prey he used to get the same expression on his face. “Of course, you can print it because I want to know people about our history,” Godric said and Selene nodded her head. “I’m happy to meet you cub and now what is that I’m listening to that both our houses are fighting for blood purity which never existed before a century?” Godric questioned.

“Princess, come we will have some hot chocolate prepared by your Papa, you love it right?” Marvolo asked looking at Sirius and telling him to prepare it silently those three moved to Kitchen, and Marvolo made Selene sit in his lap while Sirius sat opposite to them while handing Selene’s cup to her and she started to take sips slowly she started to relax. “Shh puppy I know but I want you to stop crying and take deep and nice breaths for me, come on a puppy,” Sirius soothed her and she followed her father while everyone left them to give them alone time only Marvolo was left. Selene along with Draco and Dora was coming inside from the garden after playing with them both and her wolf familiar as it is time for her father, Grandfather, Uncle, and Aunts to return from the work they went for, also she was starving as they played so much and she didn’t want her family’s effort to go in vain for giving her best memories and dreams which she missed all her childhood. She was coming to the hall when she was grabbed by someone which made her startle and she shouted for her father immediately due to fear. “Of course Amelia by that time I will ask my goddaughter if they have any ideas for the curriculum and standards of Hogwarts as she is amazing like her grandfather for these types of things,” Lucius said.

“Of course Papa, I promise I will take Uncle Moony or Uncle Sev with me on the weekend or you all can accompany me there through another entrance which will be there for sure and I will inform you once I confirm with Grandpa Salazar, he said today he will introduce me to Granddad Godric,” Selene said and Sirius nodded his head in approval with relief on his face. #Greetingssss My Lord.# Selene said and Salazar was shocked and happy to meet someone from. “Uncle Sev, I wanted to share some information with family can you floo them over here?” Selene asked him and Severus nodded his head in approval and moved towards the floo in the next ten minutes, everyone came and settled themselves in Severus and Remus’s rooms which were provided by the castle without Albus knowing. #Greetingssss My Lord.# Selene said and Salazar was shocked and happy to meet someone from his family after a long time.

Chapter 21: Talk With Grandfathers, Ginerva Weasley And Family

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“Your ego is larger than I thought, ” Selene said and he looked at her with a mock hurt but later smiled and she shook her head with a smile. “Thank you for this wonderful night, Blaise, ” Selene said softly with a small smile looking into his eyes. Days turned into a week and everyone was excited and nervous about the oncoming Ball this year every student was at Hogwarts itself as they didn’t want to miss the grand ball.