Rib-vaults were employed in some parts of the cathedral at Durham (1093–) and in Lessay Abbey in Normandy . Most of the characteristics of later Early English were already present in the lower chevet of Saint-Denis. Common examples are found in Christian ecclesiastical architecture, and Gothic cathedrals and churches, as well as abbeys, and parish churches. It is also the architecture of many castles, palaces, town halls, guildhalls, universities and, less prominently today, private dwellings.

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Above that was a narrower gallery, called the triforium, which also helped provide additional thickness and support. At the top, just beneath the vaults, was the clerestory, where the high windows were placed. The upper level was supported from the outside by the flying buttresses. This system was used at Noyon Cathedral, Sens Cathedral, and other early structures. Tracery was used on both the interior and exterior of buildings.

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Sainte-Chapelle became the model for other chapels across Europe. Transepts were usually short in early French Gothic architecture, but became longer and were given large rose windows in the Rayonnant period. The choir was often flanked by a double disambulatory, which was crowned by a ring of small chapels. This reflected a tendency in France to carry out multiple functions in the same space, while English cathedrals compartmentalized them. The plan of Gothic cathedrals and churches was usually based on the Latin cross (or “cruciform”) plan, taken from the ancient Roman Basilica.,and from the later Romanesque churches.

The original plans were conserved and rediscovered in 1817, and the building was completed in the 20th century following the origin design. It has two spectacularly ornamented towers, covered with arches, gables, pinnacles and openwork spires pointing upwards. The tower of Ulm Minster has a similar history, begun in 1377, stopped in 1543, and not completed until the 19th century. The early and High Gothic Laon Cathedral has a square lantern tower over the crossing of the transept; two towers on the western front; and two towers on the ends of the transepts. Laon’s towers, with the exception of the central tower, are built with two stacked vaulted chambers pierced by lancet openings. The two western towers contain life-size stone statues of sixteen oxen in their upper arcades, said to honour the animals who hauled the stone during the cathedral’s construction.

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